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Darlin', I am more than just a cheap fuck
&' a teenage romance full of cliches!!.

# name: linda [linni & linna], mouse, bunny & sweety..
# age: sweet 15 :x
# sex: proud owner of a vagina
# home: near cologne // rees

I am special, I am beautiful.
I am wonderful, I'm powerful, unstoppable.
Sometimes I'm miserable, sometimes I'm pitiful.
Sometimes I'm not sure who I am,
but that's so typical of all the things I am.
Try figure me out. You never can! <33

# often too g0od'hearted, naive & starry'eyed
# head'strong, confused, naughty 'but adorable
# cheeky, sweet, addicted & a lil' party'h0e :b